What went wrong


when you ask my long face

‘what’s wrong?’

– where to begin,

I don’t know;

Just now? Yesterday?

Nineteen ninety four?


the day I was born?


Aqua de Noche, Amy Friend 2010

Of sunsets and pain in paradise 

The sun is burning anyway;

it doesn’t need more pain.

Earthly love

is hardly ever a bargain.


Everything hurts but tomorrow

when you like glossy covers

with pictures that cause a slow gnawing 

from the heights of paradise complex.  


Life cuts

as often as it wets our hearts

with soft clouds

dipped in orange dyed lagoon sunsets.

And we are left beating

with the fish washed fresh

off the warm waters

at some faraway paradise bay.


Image by Andy Moine


Soul-ache is what closes you on an orange Tuesday evening.
The world is weighed down under a mad machine.
People stretched out of proportion, souls malnourished.
Everything shines an obnoxious, toxic orange.
Nauseous and exhausted.
The terror of knowing what this world is about looms in quietly, peacefully in majestic proportions.
My soul aches for me, for everyone. 

Edvard Munch - Der Schrei der Natur, The Scream of Nature
Edvard Munch – Der Schrei der Natur, The Scream of Nature