To the little boy selling chick-peas

Even if I took you home, scrubbed you clean and put you in front of a PS3, I won’t be able to ward off the horror in your eyes.I know that sooner or later you would’ve found out what this life is all about,

but, it helps to have better days,  a nearly forgotten dreamy haze,

to escape to, to treasure in secret,

and to tuck away the dream (that’s already been stamped out of your eyes).

I’m sorry little brother.

Photo by Subhadeep Gayen
Photo by Subhadeep Gayen

Fallen fancy


I was all for you,



falling apart,



heart hazards,


sweet and soft

for the million ways to be taken.

But, you fell short

far behind my magnificent haze,

utter, real;

like an moan drunk down

to ricochet off the throat

and slumped thump in the gut-



1888, Le Nu au salon: Silvestre, Armand. Société nationale des beaux-arts, Salon Société des artistes français (France).