Abandoned neural pathway

I found myself down a road I abandoned a long time ago.
I was hard enough for a little bit of ugliness
and a place where that feeling of impending doom made sense
or at least, felt less strange.

I went down that road again looking for the broken old house
You know, the kind that makes you think that after all,
there is room for the dead in this living world
—terrifying and beautiful, like the sea.

There I spoke to the dead old woman
Who refuses to think that she died and was supposed to go to heaven
and she laughs at me saying that I’m more dead than her.

“Don’t you know that it’s all a killing ground, everywhere?
What’s alive is what you put life into, 
and you’re here on a weekday, even before noon. So tell me who’s dead, child? Me, or you?”

2017, Maison abandonnée dans le lieu-dit La Pitonnière, sur la commune Le Teilleul, Normandie, France. 0x010C

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